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As marketers, we are constantly challenged to stay on top of changes that will make us more valuable to our employers. Constant learning and skill development are crucial to success, no matter the industry. To understand the ever-evolving landscape and to implement strategies that attract and retain customers, effective marketing training must be on all of our to-do lists.

Most of us have weaknesses, but training can improve and strengthen us. A training program that inspires you and your team will lead to higher engagement and retention. There are several ways you can develop training for your team. Here are seven (because casinos, duh) of my favorite approaches to learning. They are effective and easy to implement.

Marketing Training Tip: Read Marketing Books

Books are a treasure trove of knowledge and insights from experienced marketers. Create a small lending library in the office and stock it with some books on your reading list or those you have already worked through. And if you have highlighted or made comments in the margin, your staff will love them even more. I looked at my library when I came up with a list and realized I had read some outstanding books.

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