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Unlock Your Full Potential with Exclusive Education Benefits! Gain the competitive edge with quarterly members-only insightful webinars, Ask Me Anything-style sessions featuring industry experts, and a one-stop resource of the latest articles and higher education opportunities. Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge insights, personalized guidance, and insider knowledge that can’t be found anywhere else.

Join our kickoff session on January 24, 2024, to see what we have in store for the series and to learn how integrating Lean and Six Sigma methodologies can revolutionize casino direct marketing, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in every campaign.

From postal mail to digital outreach, our expert-led sessions will guide you through innovative techniques to enhance your marketing campaigns. Members will gain access to bi-monthly webinars delving into specialized topics. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your marketing strategies and network with industry leaders

Schedule of Sessions:

January 24

Streamlining Success: What the Heck is Lean?

Presented by Jeff and Mason Gray, Lean Revision

This webinar will introduce you to the transformative potential of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies in refining your direct marketing strategies. Learn how to minimize waste, optimize processes, and enhance customer satisfaction in your casino marketing initiatives. Our expert-led session will provide practical tools and insights for applying these methodologies to drive measurable improvements in your direct marketing outcomes.

February 23

Standout Mailers: Crafting Budget-Friendly, Eye-Catching Casino Campaigns

Present by Kane Johnson, President, TPI

Explore the art of creating budget-friendly, yet eye-catching printed mailers in this session. Learn innovative, cost-effective strategies to ensure your mailers stand out in a crowded mailbox, even as digital marketing rises. This session will offer practical insights and design tips for those looking to enhance their print campaigns in the digital era, proving that printed mailers still hold a crucial place in effective casino marketing.

April 24

Thriving in the Slow Lane: Smart Marketing Strategies for Economic Slowdowns

Presented by Andrew Cardno, CEO, Game Changing Techologies / Quick Custom Intelligence

This session is dedicated to guiding casino marketers through challenging economic times. It will focus on proactive strategies beyond mere cost-cutting, exploring innovative approaches to maintain and grow your market presence during slowdowns. Learn how to leverage creative, value-driven marketing techniques that keep your customers engaged and your brand strong, even in less favorable economic conditions. Gain insights into turning challenges into opportunities, ensuring your casino marketing efforts are resilient and effective.

June 26

Boosting Casino Marketing Through Gamification: The Recruit and Retain Approach

Presented by Jerry Epstein, CEO, Engaged Nation

In this insightful session led by Jerry Epstein of Engaged Nation, attendees will explore the impactful role of gamification in casino direct marketing. Epstein will demonstrate how the “Recruit & Retain” methodology, with its proven track record of delivering significant ROI, can enhance marketing campaigns through mail, email, or SMS. Using real-world case studies, he’ll provide practical strategies for integrating gamification to boost customer engagement and lifetime value.

August 28

Gifts that Keep Giving: Mastering Continuity Gifting in Casino Marketing


Josh Blake, Founder & CEO, Gander Group

Karl Kamb, Founder, Owner & CEO, Concept3: Las Vegas

Scott Nicholson, VP of Strategic Partnerships, Image This

Brian Repsher, Chief Strategy Officer, Global Promotions Sourcing

This panel discussion delves into the powerful strategy of continuity gifting. Our expert panelists will share successful tactics and strategies that have driven engagement and loyalty in the casino industry. Learn how to effectively implement continuity gifting programs that resonate with your customers, fostering long-term relationships and enhanced lifetime value. This session promises to be a treasure trove of insights for those looking to enrich their marketing approach with thoughtful, ongoing gifting initiatives.

October 23

Inbox Impact: Elevating Your Casino’s Email Marketing Game

Presented by Andrew Kordek, the VP of Customer Engagement, Support, and Marketing, iPost

This session will offer advanced strategies for creating compelling, engaging email content that resonates with your casino audience. Gain insights from industry experts on innovative techniques to boost open rates, enhance engagement, and craft memorable email experiences. Whether you’re fine-tuning your current strategy or starting fresh, this webinar provides the tools needed for a significant impact in your audience’s inbox.